Dit is ons team.

wie? waar? hoe? waarom?

Team Presentiv: Experts met een missie

Elke dag houden wij ons bezig met alles wat met presenteren en persoonlijk leiderschap te maken heeft. Wij zijn allemaal expert in ons eigen vakgebied en delen 1 gezamelijke missie: De presentatie cultuur bij bedrijven in Nederland eens flink opschudden!

Presentiv Team Margreet Jacobs presentatietrainer

Margreet Jacobs

presentation trainer | speaker coach | founder

``When somebody is capable of being completely authentic and therefore inspiring on stage, I get goosebumps``

Knows all about:
Public speaking (anxiety), storytelling, NLP, personal leadership.

My favourite speaker is Michelle Obama. She is authentic, convincing and doesn't shy away from difficult topics.

Presentiv_Partner_Nathalie Hanequin

Nathalie Hennequin

Visual Storyteller

``Shapes, forms and colours translate into a language for me. When the language is right, so is the message``

Knows all about:
Powerpoint, visual branding, prezi, corporate slide decks, branding.

Presentiv_team_Joep Hegger_voice coach

Joep Hegger

Voice expert

``The moment someone's voice changes from a potential problem to a beacon of hope is magical``.

Knows all about:
The voice. How sound is produced, how others respond to our voice and how we can influence how we sound.

My favourite speaker is Sir David Attenborough. Although some other speakers might inspire more actively, he is able to communicate peace and trust without ever being boring.

Team Presentiv_trudy nabuurs_imagocoach

Trudy Nabuurs

Master Integral Image expert

``When somebody looks amazing and communicates congruently, my work is done``

Knows all about: What our appearance communicates, style, colours, shapes, fabrics.

partners Presentiv_Arjaen Smits Sales trainer

Arjaen Smits

Sales expert / trainer

``Sales is very simple. The problem is that most people just don't have the right mindset``.

Knows all about:
Communication, sales, aquisition, storyselling.

Puck van Doorn Presentiv partner (1)

Puck van Doorn

Presentation coach & trainer

“My ultimate goal is to empower clients to truly connect to their audience. Without tricks, but by just being their true self.”

Knows everything about: female leadership, public speaking.

My favourite speaker is Brené Brown. She is an example of how you can bring data and science to life in a language that everybody understands. About the topic that is so important in presentations: vulnerability.