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Presentiv for companies

Presentation training

A presentation or pitch- training consists of at least these 3 modules;

  1. Mindset – the mental preparation that enables participants to be confident and relaxed before and during a presentation.
  2. Content – creating a message that is compelling and memorable.
  3. Delivery – finding one’s own style is extremely important. It is the only way for a speaker to become both credible and engaging.

Structure and lenght will be determined by learning goals, budget and available time.

The ultimate first impression.

A first impression often determines the progress of a relationship. Or the ending of it. Most professionals are aware that a great first impression is important and yet, they have no idea what first impression they make on others.  We teach that a first impression is more than just a great handshake or elevator pitch…

Test it out evening

A presentiv training will teach your employees how to give more effective presentations. But, the real work is being done áfter the training. Practise practise practise.

In addition to a training, we offer practise evenings on location. Participants can use this to test out a real presentation. They receive feedback from the audience, from an expert and they receive a recording of their presentation for further analysis.


Storytelling is an essential part of any strong sales strategy. This training will be given by presentation trainer Margreet Jacobs and Sales expert Arjaen Smits. We train your people how to give an attractive effective sales presentation that really engages your future customers. 

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Measuring effect.

We strive to always measure the effect of our training. We take a baseline on the first day and check what has changed on the last day. These are real measurements of a 2-day training with 9 participants.

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Start day 1

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End day 2

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Presentiv for professionals

Presenting for new leaders.

In 4 months with a maximum of 8 heavyweights, we will work on mindset, presentation skills, confidence on stage, building powerful stories, visuals ánd the use of your voice.

Language: English

Coaching: Become fearless.

Does your job require you to speak in public often? And do you get nervous every time? Or do you spend way too much time preparing? No panic, we’ve got you. You are definitely not the only one.  Together we’ll work on dealing with your nerves. And who knows, you might even start enjoying giving presentations after just a few sessions.

Coaching: From story to stage.

Together we will work towards a specific speech or presentation. This might be a TEDtalk, a keynote or your annual speech at the Christmas party. We’ll focus on your message, the build-up of your story, the non-verbal part ánd if we need to we’ll handle any anxiety you might feel. Are you ready to nail your next presentation? 

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Presentiv on events

Lecture, workshop or keynote.

The success of a congress is determined by how much value is added by the speakers. An inspiring story is entertaining but in the end, your audience will want to take home something tangible. An action plan or new idea that they can implement into their lives directly. Margreet get’s your audience ready for action!

Themes: Stage confidence, storytelling, first impression, dealing with speaking anxiety, personal and authentic leadership.

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What others said about our training

Margreet connects thorough knowledge and amazing warmth. I took part in the public speaking training that she delivered and I was amazed how smooth it was.

MonicaAweseome person

Thanks to this atmosphere of openness, I had the chance to explore my weaknesses and start a path of growth to mitigate these weaknesses and slowly transform them into strengths.

Mario Alberto TámaDesigner

"I was very impressed by the quality of her training and the positive energy that she brought into the room.

Egbert van BeurdenVibe group

The Presentiv promise

Quality is our middle name. We want all our participants to get the most out of their training. Not just during but also long after the training is over. We believe that what we give always needs to be more than what we ask. This is our promise to you:

Money back?

In every training, there is a moment where you decide if you wish to stay or go. Choosing to go means that you receive your money back. We feel confident to offer this because it has never happened before.

Small groups

Our goal is to maximise your learning potential. Our groups are big enough to ensure real-life presentation practice and small enough to ensure personal attention for every participant.

Free intake

Before enrolling in a training, there is always a personal intake via Skype. In this session, we speak about your learning goals and opportunities. This way we ensure that we meet each other’s expectations.

Only experts

We choose to work only with trainers who are an expert in their field. This way we will ensure that you receive the latest insights and highest quality training possible.

Lifelong access

Every participant receives access to a closed part of this website. Here you’ll find all the information and inspiration that you’ve gained during the training. Video’s, reading material and even podcasts will help you on your journey after the training ends.

Safe space

We like to compare our training rooms to Las Vegas. What happens in there stays in there. Whether we are dealing with personal matters like fear of public speaking or business matters like confidential information, we ensure a safe space for everyone to learn and grow in.

Always practical

We like to compare our training rooms to Las Vegas. What happens in there stays in there. Whether we are dealing with personal matters like fear of public speaking or business matters like confidential information, we ensure a safe space for everyone to learn and grow in.

Open to feedback

We believe in life long learning. Which means that we always look to improve ourselves, our training and our material. We are always open to feedback and encourage our customers to find things to improve. Just like we teach you, we ask you to teach us.