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Team Presentiv: Experts on a mission

We are extremely passionate about people, public speaking, and (personal) leadership. We are all experts in our own field with one shared mission: Shaking things up in businesses and growing presentation power in the Netherlands.

Presentiv Team Margreet Jacobs presentatietrainer

Margreet Jacobs

presentation trainer | speaker coach | founder

``Dance the dance you dance, don't dance the dance that people who dance dance``

Knows everything about:
speaking anxiety, storytelling, public speaking, personal leadership, NLP.

My favourite speaker is Michelle Obama. She is authentic, convincing and does not shy away from difficult topics.

Presentiv_Partner_Nathalie Hanequin

Nathalie Hennequin

Visual Storyteller

``Shapes, forms and colours translate into a language for me. when the language is right, so is the message``

Weet alles over:
Powerpoint, visual branding, prezi,

Mijn favoriete spreker is....

Presentiv_team_Joep Hegger_voice coach

Joep Hegger

Voice expert

``The moment that a voice changes from a problem to a anchor of peace, that moment is magical``

Knows everything about:
The voice. How sound is produced, how we and others respond to our voices and how we can influence this.

My favourite speaker is Sir David Attenborough. Although some other speakers might be more active and inspiring, he is capable of communicating calmness and trust without ever being boring.

Team Presentiv_trudy nabuurs_imagocoach

Trudy Nabuurs

Master Integraal Imago expert

``Als iemand er fantastisch uit ziet: bla bla quote van Trudy``

Expert in: Uiterlijke communicatie, stijladvies
Werkt met: Groepen en individuen.
Talen: Nederlands en Engels

Presentiv_team_saskia gras_virtual assistant

Saskia Gras

Planner| Social media beheer

``Ik vind het heerlijk om ondernemers te ontlasten door structuur aan te brengen en projecten te coördineren``

Weet alles van:
Online marketing, social media, dagelijks management.

Mijn favoriete spreker is Barack Obama
Hij is authentiek en toegankelijk. Tegelijkertijd straalt hij energie & kracht uit. Heerlijk om naar te kijken, zeker als zijn humor zichtbaar wordt.

partners Presentiv_Arjaen Smits Sales trainer

Arjaen Smits

Sales expert / trainer

``Sales is eigenlijk heel eenvoudig. Het probleem is dat de meeste mensen niet de juiste mindset hebben``

Weet alles van:
Communicatie, sales, aquisitie, storyselling.

Puck van Doorn Presentiv partner (1)

Puck van Doorn

Presentation coach & trainer

“My ultimate goal is to empower clients to truly connect to their audience. Without tricks, but by just being their true self.”

Knows everything about: female leadership, public speaking.

My favourite speaker is Brené Brown. She is an example of how you can bring data and science to life in a language that everybody understands. About the topic that is so important in presentations: vulnerability.